Foundation Mission Statement

The Foundation is a non-profit organization that helps with the operations of neighborhood groups and associations dedicated to improvement through beautification projects, area sustainability, zero waste endeavors and through contributions to many of the area's non-profits that are making similar efforts to improve the City of Columbia.

Clean & Safe Efforts

  • Continued execution of an efficient and effective Clean & Safe Program that works to keep Five Points clean from trash and debris daily, and addresses aggressive panhandling issues and patron safety
  • Continued efforts to create a safer Five Points by working hand-in-hand with the Columbia Police Department
  • Continued implementation of 7-day coverage for both cleaning and security
  • Continued partnered with USC and the City of Columbia to execute the Night Transportation Corridor to Five Points
  • Promoted pedestrian safety with the installation of ground stickers at major crosswalks
  • Worked with national ID authentication company “Intellicheck” to secure discounted pricing for Five Points businesses

Beautification & Green Efforts

  • Nominated for “Best Use of Public Funds” in Free Time’s “Best of Columbia”
  • Continued efforts of encouraging smart development and “Future 5” guideline compliance
  • Conducted a city-wide survey to gauge desired developments and businesses in the Five Points village
  • Continued the installation of aesthetically pleasing and compliant options for ADA mats and crosswalks throughout the neighborhood
  • Completed phase III of the Blossom Street train trestle beautification project – the lettering on the overpass
  • Facilitated and promoted pop-up businesses in the Five Points community
  • Created a quick reference guide of services and contacts for the City of Columbia
  • Researched and applied for grant opportunities



Built by the Five Points Association in 1997, this important landmark provides a beautiful and iconic resting place for Five Points' locals and visitors. The fountain has become synonymous with Five Points and is often used to represent the area in photographs and images. Local politicians have been known to use the fountain for their promotional pieces. The fountain also provides a great background for media promotions.


Tens years after the iconic Harden Street fountain was built, the Five Points Association built the Saluda Avenue fountain with proceeds from the annual St. Pat's in Five Points festival. The construction of these fountains supports the Five Points Association's mission of creating and supporting a beautiful, inviting public space for all visitors.


The completion of the Centennial Plaza culminates efforts of Five Points’ Centennial Year in 2015, and will perpetuate the rich history of the village neighborhood as the third water feature to be built in its footprint. The Centennial Plaza will include a 6’ rotating granite kugel, the largest in the state of South Carolina. The kugel rotates by floating over water in a spherical pocket, and can be safely interacted with.